Peregrination (v: peregrinate); a journey or pilgrimage with mystic connotations, e.g., travel for the love of God; voluntarily explore beyond the known, beyond known danger and into the infinite unknown.

As Carl Jung described it,

the aim of the mystical peregrination is to understand all parts of the world, to achieve the greatest possible extension of consciousness, as though its guiding principle were the Carpocratic idea that one is delivered from no sin which one has not committed. Not a turning away from its empirical ‘so-ness,’ but the fullest possible experience of the ego … that is the goal of the peregrination.

In other words, exploring “the four corners of the earth”; disintegration and positive reintegration with the culture that brought civilization forward; the final step before returning and integrating what has been learned into a modified center, immunized (so-to-speak) against the unknown chaos awaiting in the future.